Landlord Discrimination in New York City

Donald Harwood is an attorney practicing in New York City and the executive producer of the film Frozen River. Donald Harwood specializes in areas of landlord-tenant litigation as well as commercial and appellate litigation.

In New York City, residents living in an apartment building, condominium, residential hotel, or government-assisted housing development are entitled to lawful protection from discriminatory acts by their landlord. The most obvious case of discrimination in the housing and rental industry is a refusal to sell or rent to a person or family due to race or religion. Landlords can also be found guilty of discriminatory practices if they misrepresent the availability of a property or adjust rental terms for a specific group of people. Advertisements that cater toward a certain ethnicity can be considered a another example of landlord discrimination. Landlords are also expected to provide equal facilities and amenities to all renters.

Individuals living with a physical or health-related disability can also become victims of landlord discrimination. Landlords must make any reasonable accommodation required by a person with such a disability. In any instance of possible discrimination, individuals should contact a New York attorney specializing in landlord-tenant litigation as well as the NYC Commission on Human Rights.


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